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Are you someone who wants to publicise an event?
Do you want to reach more customers but don’t like advertising costs?
Does your business deserve more recognition for its success?
Do you want to raise awareness of an upcoming event?
Do you have an upcoming milestone you want to mark?
Do you want publicity but don’t know how to get it?

Get Publicity Now! shows you how to get seen.
Get Publicity Now! gives you the weapons you need and the confidence to use them.
Get Publicity Now! allows you to shout above all the noise.

Get Publicity Now! is like getting a marketing department for £30.
You get to learn how to write a press release like a pro.
You get to learn how to improve the image of your business.
You get to learn how to improve your image.
And you get to use these skills again and again and again.

The workshop is now almost THREE hours (with tea/coffee break) because so much extra information has been added.

Signup for Get Publicity Now! via Eventbrite now (in the top right corner of this page).

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More information:

A workshop is being held in Preston to give people the power to get publicity.

Journalist and photographer Garry Cook has created an intensive session packed with facts, tips and know-how to enable individuals and small business to maximise their chances of gaining publicity.

The techniques learned can be applied to a promoting a recent success, an upcoming event or to manage bad news. Get Publicity Now! outlines the structure needed to get you or your company seen.

Cook said: “The workshop will give people the confidence to write a great press release and also reveals some trade secrets of photography so anyone can produce a very good image.

“It also gives tips on how to be successful in social media, including the best apps and software to use.

“While publicity traditionally means newspaper coverage – which is still important for promoting any event – digital publicity is also vital. These days you need to do both.”

Cook’s specialist guide book Seriously Good Photography Tips for Camera Phones (RRP £5.99) is also available to download for free in the build up to the workshop from

The writer and photographer believes anyone can produce great images on camera phones – and make an impact on social media and which news desks will love.

He added: “Because of major cost-cutting and manpower reductions in the print industry – particularly in local newspapers – it has never been easier to get your story published. But you have to present it in the right way. If you don’t, it will get ignored.

“There are so many amazing stories out there not being told. There are individuals doing brilliant things for charity or for their own families, who do not realise what they are doing is newsworthy.

“I’m particularly focusing on small businesses in Lancashire which enjoy great success but do not have a marketing department to publicise themselves – and do not have knowledge to be able to promote themselves.

“This workshop will give them the tools to let other people know about their successes. Ultimately, spreading the word can lead to a better public profile, more business and greater success.”

Get Publicity Now! shows you how to present yourself, your story or business. It provides a template for success, which you can use again and again.

Practical advice includes:

  • how to take a good photograph
  • how to write a press release
  • who to send it to
  • how to pitch an idea to an editor
  • how to make sure emails don’t get ignored
  • how to make an impact on social media
  • the best recording equipment to use (on a budget!)

The morning workshop – to be held on March 24, 2015 at Korova Arts and Cafe Bar in Preston – costs £30, including refreshments. For further information or to sign up go to




Garry Cook is a journalist and documentary photographer. He has written for over 50 national and international newspapers and magazines, including every major British daily and Sunday newspaper.

He has also worked for several public relations companies on a freelance basis over the past 20 years.

In photography, Cook has published several book and exhibited his work in London, Liverpool and Manchester.

Korova Arts and Cafe Bar is on Charnley Street, Preston, Lancashire PR1 2UR.






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