Bad photography

Bad photography. We see bad photography everywhere. On Facebook, in family photo albums, on our own mobile phones.

The places we should not see it is in newspapers and as part of a press releases. But we still do. Too many organisers, organisations, charities or fundraisers take bad pictures and email them to their local paper expecting press coverage.

Sometimes, if the newspaper is desperate, these images get printed. Often they don’t.

Photography is a difficult skill to get right. But there are several easy-to-understand tricks which can instantly improve your photography skills. And this infinitely makes promoting your event or business success so much easier.

These skills are detailed in the FREE pdf Seriously Good Photography Tips for Camera Phones.

Also detailed in the free book is some examples of bad photography. And here are some of them:

If you like photographs of certificates on walls – with a bit of flash reflection you will love this (below)

bad photography, photography tips

People with sticks, rods and lampposts coming out of their heads – it’s a classic pose (below).

005 bad photography

And poor use of flash (see the shadows around the faces) is only bettered here by the inclusion of the door in the background. A perfect distraction to in a very bad photo.

008 bad photography

All of these are press release images. The FREE pdf Seriously Good Photography Tips for Camera Phones shows you how to make sure this kind of disaster does not creep in to your photography.

And there’s also my March 24, 2015 workshop in Preston Get Publicity Now! which covers photography, press release writing and loads of other stuff which can help you get your message published in the media. It’s very good.

You book a place on that course through Eventbrite (details updated very soon on this page and on this website).


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