Fear of publicity

Are you a small/medium business with something to shout about?

You don’t have a marketing department and you fear putting together a press release and a photograph.

Or you’re not sure what makes a good news story, especially in relation to your business.

I’m here to tell you it’s much easier than you think. There are some surefire tips to get publicity easily. And the workshop Get Publicity Now! Will give you the confidence to do it.

Instantly learn

Learn how to take great photos instantly (even on a camera phone).

Learn how to write a press release which the media will love.

Learn how to shout above the noise in print, online and social media.

I know there is some great stories to be told about your business. Let me show you how.

Your new marketing department (ie the skills you will learn and never forget) for just £30.

It’s the intensive workshop you can’t afford not to do.

Get Publicity Now! is a workshop (10am – 1pm, Tuesday March 24, 2015 in Preston, Lancashire) which will help you shout above the noise and get your message heard.


You can sign up via Eventbrite at the top right of this page.


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