Writing press releases

You are not a writer.
You don’t have time to work on a press release.
You are scared to try writing a press release.
You are scared of making mistakes in your writing.

The fear of mistakes in press releases. I say: Don’t worry about them.

Mistakes happen. Don’t let the fear of them put you off.

There could even be a missed word or typing error in what I am writing now. There probabky is*. But it doesn’t matter – the important thing is that you get your message across.

A news editor will not care if there is a missed word or poor phrase in your press release if you have just delivered to them a great story to fill their newspaper or magazine.

These are the things you can do to eliminate mistakes:

  • Re-read what you have written on screen
  • Print out what you have written and read it again
  • Give your brain a few hours rest and read it again
  • Give your finished press release to someone else to read

These tips are so simple, hugely effective and – most significantly of all – rarely carried out by novice writers.

This is a shame, because if you follow these four simple steps the clarity in your writing will rise steeply as the number of errors falls off. The biggest problem for a business is time – finding the time to write, finding the time to pass on some writing for someone else to read can seem like too much hassle.

I would say: Don’t worry about it. Do as much as you can – and then get your press release story out there. If the mistakes are not glaring (and so overpowering that a literary perfectionist would vomit on the spot while reading your words), you will be fine.

The important thing is writing a clear concise press release – with all the crucial information and contact details included.

Once it is written, get it out there and see what reaction you get.

In my workshop Get Publicity Now! I tell you exactly what information you need to put in your press release, how to find the stories inside your business, how to make sure you don’t miss anything out, and what words to use to make it interesting enough for someone to want to publish it.

March 24, 2015. In Preston, Lancashire. Signup on this website (top right).

*NOTE: Any mistakes in this article are probabky deliberate.

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