Do I know about publicity?

Do I know about publicity? Do I – well, yes [he says modestly].

I’ve written press releases for public relations companies. Loads of them. Press releases for some big businesses. Some of them were serious, some of them were publicity stunts.

I’ve also sub-edited for several regional and national newspapers, so I’ve read thousands of press releases and seen which ones work and which ones fall flat.

Then I have written press releases for my own projects, for photography exhibitions, for books and for other projects I’ve been involved with.

For one of my most recent projects – God, Have You Ever Been To Wigan? – I felt so confident that I knew how to get publicity that I launched it on Twitter with a publicity stunt which led to the local press contacting me.

So, I am confident enough to feel like I know what I am doing. I know the tricks – some of them I would never write about – but want to pass on this information so some of the brilliant businesses and things going on in Lancashire can be heard.

There’s loads of information packed into this new and experimental Get Publicity Now! workshop. If you join in, you will learn things you will use for the rest of your life.

This can only make your business better.

In my workshop Get Publicity Now! I tell you exactly what information you need to put in your press release, how to find the stories inside your business, how to make sure you don’t miss anything out, and what words to use to make it interesting enough for someone to want to publish it.

Some of my free publicity:

garry cook cuttings 001


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