Garry Cook

Why I’m the man to deliver this workshop:
I’m a journalist and photographer. I know how to write. Clearly and concisely. For newspapers, magazines and online publications.
I’ve worked in PR. I know about grabbing attention, organising events and stunts (I said stunts).
I get a lot of publicity for my own work. I know how to write a press release, who to send it to. And who to send it to when it gets ignored the first time.
Sometimes I even have features written about me or one of my projects without even telling a newspaper – they contact me. It’s amazing!
I want to transfer my knowledge to you: the charity worker, events organiser and businessman. I know you have brilliant news stories in your head which the rest of the world would love to hear about. It’s just that sometimes you don’t know what a good news story is. And sometimes you don’t know how to promote it and get it published.
But for £30 (for my two and half hour workshop on March 24, 2015 in Preston, Lancashire) you can get yourself an instant marketing department – and be handed the weapons you need to Get Publicity Now!
Want to know the best recording equipment to use? Check
Want to know the best apps to use? Check
Want to know how to write a press release? Check
Want to know how to take a bloody great photography good enough to get published? Check
That’s why this workshop is invaluable for your business. Two decades of knowledge – transferred to you. Thousands of pounds worth of marketing – transferred in little over two hours (for £30).
And you get free tea, coffee and biscuits. And I will even buy biscuits on request if you email me.
This is a list of magazines and newspapers I’ve contributed to:

19 magazine
90 Minutes
Blackpool Gazette
Daily Express
Daily Mail
Daily Mirror
Daily Star
Daily Star Sunday
FPME Magazine
Football Monthly
Gateshead Post
Goal (2)
The Guardian
The Independent
Irish Independent on Sunday
Kick-off Sunderland
Lancashire Evening Post
Lancashire Evening Telegraph
Lancashire Today
London Lite
Match of the Day
News of the World
Non-League Magazine
NUJ Freelance
Non-League Paper
The Observer
Photography Monthly
Practical Photography
Sunday Mirror
Sunday Express
Sunderland Echo
Sunderland Star
The People
The Times
Total Football
Singapore Times
Knack (Belgium)
Washington Star

This list is not exhaustive and I’ve helpfully bolded up those titles which are now dead.
I’ve also filmed interviews for Sky Sports News and several independent production companies. I’ve video podcasted too: Love Town is a photography/travel podcast available on iTunes.
Public Relations companies also love my work. I’ve worked on accounts for four major PR companies: Agencia/Stuart Lawrence Group, Cicero, MTJ Associates and Comserve Communication Services.
I get publicity easily. Because I know how. You can see a short selection of some of the publicity I got for my own projects on the Publicity page of this website.And now for some of my project work:


Interactive Newsprint
Interactive Newsprint worked together with people in communities from Preston and beyond to experiment with a brand new technology called interactive paper. Researchers from UCLan, Dundee and Surrey want to find out whether interactive paper could become a really interesting way of telling news stories or giving out information about what’s happening in the local community: and potentially create a new platform for community news. The project ran between 2011-2013.

  • Winner of the EPSRC ‘Telling Tales of Engagement’ grant.

Public Outputs

  • Appeared at SxSW festival in Austin, Texas (2012 and 2013)
  • Shown at news:rewired conference (November 2012)
  • Named as one of netexplo’s top 100 global innovations (2012)
  • Presented at Unbox festival, Dehli (2013)
  • Presented at ICMC Conference, Porto (2012)
  • Appeared at BBC’s Connected Communities conference, Salford (2012)
  • Exhibited at London Design Festival (2011)

Worked on Interactive Newsprint (, a multi-university project (University of Central Lancashire, University College Falmouth, University of Dundee, Newcastle University) developing new paper technology. I produced several images which were printed with pioneering conductive ink, allowing users to press printed buttons on Wi-Fi connected paper to hear audio interviews. Work from this project appeared at the V&A in London and was part of the London Design Festival in 2011 and 2012.


Stay At Home Dads Are Not Welcome Here (2014)
Often painfully funny, always eye-opening, this is the story of one man, one daughter and their terrifying mission to infiltrate the world of mad mothers within the murky world of children’s playgroups.
Or, to put it another way, it’s my diary of being petrified standing in a room full of women.
“It’s a women’s world,” one dad told me during my trawl through various singing, dancing and general chit-chat groups. He was not wrong.
But this book also unwittingly examines the popularly held belief that playgroups ‘are good for kids and help their development’. Really? Stay At Home Dads Are Not Welcome Here finds evidence that this is not necessarily true – with some research claiming that playgroups, preschool and child care can actually harm your child.
It’s the book parents can’t afford to ignore.


Palestiniana (2013)
The Amazon No.1 bestseller. This travel guide with a difference, which outsold guides by Lonely Planet, DK Eyewitness, Rough Guides and Bradt Travel Guides on its release, mixing the history of the bloody and long-running conflict with an eye-opening five-day trip in the West Bank. What was supposed to be a press trip to Palestinin National Youth Week turned into an activist’s excursion across the West Bank, where the antagonising of Israeli soldiers and spray-painting of The Wall sparked a full-blown war across the region. The highlight was having dinner in the General’s Military Compound in the West Bank – an offer I could, quite literally, not refuse. I visited Hebron, Bethlehem, Ramallah, Bil’in, Qalqilya, Nablus, plus Jerusalem.


Marlboro Nights (2012)
Collaborated with musicians and two poets on Marlboro Nights, an exhibition and book looking back on the 2007 ban on smoking in public places in England. Exhibited for six weeks at The Continental, Preston.


Women and Alcohol (2011)
Photographic exhibition Women and Alcohol at the Baltic Warehouse in Liverpool as part of the Look2011: Liverpool International Photography Festival. This project was also shown at London’s Photomonth 2011: East London Photography Festival in October 2011. Work for this project included managing a group of twelve people, marketing and launching exhibition.


Brilliant Blackpool (2011)
Photographic exhibition Brilliant Blackpool at FYCreatives in Blackpool.


Outsiders (2012)
Published series of portraits and interviews with extraordinary and misunderstood people called Outsiders, which examines how we judge others through prejudice, appearance and ignorance. Includes interviews with a treasure hunter, paedophile, religious fanatic, Israeli and Palestinian teenagers and a cerebral palsy sufferer seeking sexual fulfilment.


Albert the Pug
A series of illustrated children’s books following the adventures of a blag pug dog. Also available on Kindle.


Love Town (2011)
Launched the Love Town zine and photography podcast, a monthly video promoting documentary photography in Britain and around the world.


Training and social media
Held training workshops for Trinity Mirror journalists in Birmingham on how to take photographs with mobile phones.
Have also given presentations on storytelling and how to document events, including which mobile phones to use, live broadcasting, the best recording apps, audio recording equipment etc.


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